• Crusty Chicken Sandwich

    Burger Cravings at Cactus Club Yaletown

    This post is about burgers, but first…. a Geeky Intro:  According to research conducted by Technomic … Canadian burger consumption is on the rise once more. “Burger consumption has benefited from an increased emphasis on quality and sourcing, particularly as it relates to domestic beef, as well as operators’ ability to adapt the classic burger to modern demands through menu development,” explains Anne Mills, manager of consumer insights at Technomic. “Going forward, routinely innovating with new flavours, particularly sauces and premium toppings, will be key as expectations continue to rise for unique burgers.” Key takeaways from the report include: 36% of consumers have a preferred restaurant that they almost always go to…

  • Torched Wagyu Salad

    RawBar / The Lobby Lounge at Fairmont Pacific Rim

    When I moved to Vancouver 10 years ago I was truly overwhelmed by all the Sushi options in this city! Going from three known locations in the tiny little Island I grew up on; a posh Resort Spa restaurant for date nights (my initial Sushi introduction), a convenient Marks & Sparks near work for pre-packaged lunches, and a new restaurant chain in the Entertainment district for appetizers….  to a city with over 600 options was intense. No joke, there are hundreds upon hundreds of establishments catering to all budgets, ambiances and tastes. Vancouver is the sushi capital of Canada, if not North America… so it’s only fitting that my first restaurant “review” be…