A post about last night’s dinner experience.

It was a cold, super-wet, grisly day yesterday…. and all I wanted to do when I got home was pour myself a generous glass of red wine. And then another. I was actually day dreaming of this as I battled evening rush hour traffic in downtown Vancouver.

So red wine and a delicious home cooked meal was definitely on the cards for the rest of the evening!

Alimentari Cookbook

What to cook?

I’d purchased a butternut squash earlier in the week and really wanted to pair my wine with some comforting roasted veggies, so I grabbed one of my favourite cookbooks for some inspiration.  The cookbook is from the ‘Alimentari‘ café/ deli in Melbourne, Australia. I’d love to say I purchased it when visiting the actual establishment in Australia… but in reality, the book was discovered in a shop in Victoria, BC called ‘Chinz & Company’. They have a great selection of cookbooks.

I looked up ‘squash’ in the Index and found zilch! Then looked up ‘pumpkin’ and found what I was looking for…

Pg. 92 – Roasted Pumpkin, Rocket, Balsamic Onion & Parmesan (Salads section)

Fun fact! Australians refer to ‘butternut squash’ as ‘butternut pumpkin’.

The differences between pumpkins and squashes are still confusing to me, so I won’t even attempt to differentiate them other than to say that pumpkins are classified as a type of squash, but not all squashes can be considered pumpkins.

The dish was super easy to put together, and went really well with the grass-fed, dry-aged ribeye steaks my boyfriend picked up from Urban Fare. The balsamic onions were amazing! I really reduced them down to a beautiful caramelization state, and they provided a nice sweet taste to the dish.

The only thing I would do differently if I had to recook this salad is actually cut the squash wedges way, way, way thinner. I thought an inch thickness would be sufficient as cutting up squash seriously sucks… but that meant cooking time took longer than expected. Also – I have a lot of pine nuts & arugula left over, so I plan to make an arugula pesto with that!

I wish I could show you an image of the dish as shown in this cookbook, the food styling is really on point!

*Update* I found a photo on Pinterest!

The Visual Experience

Roasted Pumpkin Salad & Steak Dinner

Roasted Pumpkin Salad & Steak Dinner


Feature Image Credit: Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash